The City of Fremantle is calling for you to participate in a survey, as part of their review into the destination marketing of Fremantle. At the foundation of the survey is a proposal, to bring together the differential rate funds, that all CBD businesses contribute to, and the City’s budget allocation for Fremantle Story.  The purpose is to create a Fremantle marketing budget of greater substance.

I am going to be upfront and very clear, the Chamber SUPPORTS the proposal to combine the differential rate and Fremantle Story campaign monies, so as to increase our City’s investment in destination marketing. It is an essential move to improve our local and regional economy.

So how did the Chamber come to this position? As a part of some major projects we are leading and business community committees we host across the year,  we have undertaken a raft of consultations, interviews, surveys and roundtable meetings.

Across all of these discussions,  we know there is great belief in what Fremantle has to offer, but also grave concern that not enough people know. The bottom line is that we still need more people coming into Fremantle and it will take more than just waiting for the completion of the Kings Square construction project.

The number of people coming to central Fremantle has been in decline for many years.  This is because of a range of things – changing population, increased competition and more effective marketing campaigns from other precincts and destinations, as well as local and State-wide economic downturn etc.  All have had a significant impact on the viability of our business community  be it retail, hospitality, professional services, industry, or tourism.  All of those sectors  interconnect across our streetscape.

It is not about one sector of the business community but the combination and character of what we have in Fremantle. With the ongoing evolution of retail, Fremantle should never want to be or be compared to the monolith shopping malls of the likes of Booragoon, but we can take a leaf out of their book and market our place, our City. All of our businesses will do better with a whole lot more people. We need to celebrate our difference to our locals, the communities around Fremantle, across Perth and beyond.

So how do we get more people into Fremantle, doing business and engaging with our businesses across the week. We need to remind people Fremantle is here and a great experience with a lot to offer.  Fremantle needs to cut through and champion itself.

As a business district we are in a volatile marketplace and to keep doing the same things for  2, 3 or 5 years doesn’t work (anymore). Right now we have an opportunity to get good value and best results from our rate payer fund by bringing together the differential rate and Fremantle Story budgets.

It really is alright to change the way things are done.

The Fremantle Destination Marketing survey will closed at COB Wednesday 28th March 2018.

I encourage you to add your input on how we can get the absolute best value for the marketing and differential rate money for the benefit of local businesses.

The survey is short but you will be prompted to register for the My Say portal.  It doesn’t take long at all. This is to ensure that if you are doing business in Fremantle – we all get one say.

The link to that survey is:

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