New President and Board for Fremantle Chamber of Commerce

Our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 19 September saw a changing of the guard at the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

Ivan Dzeba has become President of the Chamber.  Ivan has worked in  hospitality in central Fremantle for 20 years, and has been at the helm of Benny’s Bar & Café for more than 15 years. He has led the Chamber’s Tourism Committee for 18 months and is looking forward to leading the Chamber to expand its reach and build unity within sectors.

New Board Members appointed at the meeting were Abby McDowell (The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges), Virginia Guest (Stand Property & Management Services Pty Ltd) and Bram Newbold (Quest Fremantle). These additions renew expertise in marketing, law and hospitality to the Chamber.

As new Board Members were confirmed, several stepped down, each contributing nearly a decade of service to the Chamber and the Fremantle business community. Scott Bailey’s two-year term as President, was preceded by 6 years as a Board Member.  Ra Stewart joined the Board in 2008 and served as Chamber President for two terms (2012 – 2015).  Bruce Moriarty joined the Chamber Board on 2008 and was a long-term member of the Chamber’s Development & Infrastructure Committee.

Your Chamber Board Members for 2017/2018 are:

  • President:  Ivan Dzeba (Benny’s Bar & Café)
  • Vice President: Franco Andreone (Fremantle Ports)
  • Treasurer:  Lee Bartlett (TAMS)
  • Jamie Murdoch (Fremantle Markets)
  • Tony Riggio (Stageworks Pty Ltd)
  • Anthony Van Der Wielen (Fremantle Property Services)
  • Abby McDowell (The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges)
  • Virginia Guest (Stand Property & Management Services Pty Ltd)
  • Bram Newbold (Quest Fremantle)

Chamber News

Tuesday 12 September was a pretty significant day for Fremantle. Not just Fremantle neighbourhoods but Fremantle state-wise and Fremantle internationally.

The Port, Logistics and all that

More than just a City, Fremantle, through the Port, is a key economic resource and vital to the supply chain for our State. I was pleased to be at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Tuesdays event that hosted the State Government announcement of the Westport Strategy.

I know logistics aren’t at the top of your average family breakfast discussion, but it is essential to almost every part of your life. It is about your car, your home, your job, your clothes, your flat pack furniture, your food – all being able to get to you for the lowest price possible. For many of the Chamber’s members it is also about our getting our exports to market in a competitive environment and being able to run a viable business.

The headlines and actions of Roe 8 and Perth Freightlink are history but our logistics environment desperately still needs a whole lot of work. The Westport Strategy, headed by Nicole Lockwood, is targeting a 50-100 year approach, formed from 5 key plan – the Port, Transport, Land-use, Environmental, Staging and Finance – drawing on multiple government agencies and external stakeholders.

That Westport starts with big picture logistics thinking is the right way. For the Fremantle centric –within all of this will be the High Street connection to the Port, and the increased connection of Victoria/South Quay to the Fremantle CBD.

The Chamber is looking forward to being a contributor to the long term focus but also to ensure that we have the right level of attention focused to our economic and tourism development in the short and medium term.


The Minister for Tourism, Paul Papalia MLA, has announced some red tape reduction for accredited tour operators.

As of Wednesday 13th September accredited tourism businesses will be able to provide self-serve beer and wine as part of a dining experience whilst touring an attraction. Now the BBQ lunch or under the stars dinner offered as part of a tour package can be served with beer and wine. For many visitors to WA it was perplexing as to why they could not be offered wine or beer with their on-tour meal. This is a great opportunity for tourism product development for the whole state.

There are still regulatory requirements for tourism operators, in terms of responsible service of alcohol, no sale of alcohol, prior permission from and landlord/property owner, and accreditation through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program run by the Tourism Council of WA


The City of Fremantle had already committed to creating a revised local law banning single use plastic bags. The revision was focused on the standards in place for other States and Territories. Now Fremantle is not alone, with the State Government stepping up to introduce a ban on single use plastics bags across the State.

The great thing for Fremantle is that a shared implementation is whole lot easier and the effort to create change is much different.

There are many local retailers that have proudly not used plastic bags or use degradable. For retailers that do offer, it doesn’t mean you can’t use plastic bags; it is just that there are standards that need to be met in terms of material weight, type etc. Stay tuned for the detail

There are many consumers that are already practised in the art of remembering to have shopping bags at one’s beck and call. I don’t count myself in that group yet. You get to Carnegie Hall by practising and if you are like me, we have until 1 July 2018 to get used to it.

Local Government Election Forums

Over many years, the Chamber has provided its support for the delivery of election forums for Federal, State and Local Government elections and 2017 is no different. We offer and partner to deliver forums so the business and residential community can hear from candidates together.

A couple of Wards have their dates established, with a firm eye on not recreating the wheel, and we are including those dates.

Last month we also published our platform on what we want to know from candidates about their position on Fremantle’s economic development – for a refresher click here.

Nominations for candidates for Local Government close on Thursday, 14 September. All candidates are welcome to participate and will receive an email inviting them to participate. Please understand that if there is only one candidate nominated, there is no election and therefore no need for a forum.

Details of the dates and times of Forums will be maintained on our website.


Olwyn Williams

Chief Executive Officer