The Chamber and Elections

There’s a question that keeps coming up in conversations. Sometimes you just have to lay it on the table and get on with it.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates for Federal, State or Local Government elections. The Chamber does not contribute member funds or run or resource campaigns for candidates for any form of election. We have to work with who ever wins.

But we do involve ourselves in campaigns at large. We’ll talk to any candidate, we will tell them what we believe is needed for the Fremantle region, and we are happy to have a direct and robust conversation. We also partner with others for the delivery of candidate forums. 

All across WA, people are right now deciding to run for Local Government.  It is a great thing that people are stepping forward to be part of the management and oversight of our communities.

There are two key differences between Local Government and State/Federal elections.  In local elections, voting is not compulsory and, most importantly, the business community has the capacity to vote.

Our current stated ambition is to encourage more people from the business community to vote by enrolling for the Owners and Occupiers roll.  There’s more about that on our website and our digital and door knock campaign is in underway.

It is not for the Chamber to tell you how to vote, our job is to get you to vote.

The Chamber Platform

The Chamber may not endorse candidates but it has a platform that it will promote to all candidates.

With the Port, surrounding marine and industrial zone, the Fremantle region continues to be important to the State’s economy. The Chamber wants Fremantle to be a place with prosperous business community as the foundation for a strong community.

Fremantle needs: 

  • To be a competitive regional centre with a strong and clear vision, one that respects Fremantle’s history but with a contemporary and economically viable outlook.
  • More people working and living in Fremantle.
  • More people coming to Fremantle as a destination (supporting commerce, hospitality, retail, and tourism).
  • To be a City that is accessible.
  • A proactive and balanced Council that considers community and economic development as partners.
  • To have vision but also able to deal with what is needed today.

If it sounds familiar, it is.  A few words may have changed over time but the underlying rationale has remained the same for nearly a decade, some would say more.   

Successful candidates of individual wards become Councillors making decisions for the whole of the City, so this platform is not limited to specific Wards. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to candidates letting us all know how they will contribute and lead the development of Fremantle as a great place for people to invest their lives and money in.


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