Rewarding Fremantle Business: Part 1

Delivering the Fremantle Business Awards is very much part of year round operations at the Chamber. The event ramps up in the months prior to be all consuming and then, suddenly, it is done and planning for the next starts. So, before the roller coaster for 2018 begins, I think 2017 is worthy of a look back.

Over the next few weeks a series of blogs will drill down behind the scenes of the 2017 Fremantle Business Awards, covering sponsors, winners, and finalists. The order is as it was on the night, so be patient we will get to you.

Up front, we must honour the event sponsors and of course the judges who gave their time pouring across the nominations. Each category has three judges who score the nominations independently and judgment is based on the material featured in the documentation provided by the nominee. The Chamber coordinates and collates the judging process. The nominee who has the highest combined scores from category judges is the winner. The winner of the Business of the Year Award is the nomination with the highest score across all categories.

We will start with the category that was big news at the beginning of the night and at its conclusion. The Corporate Social Responsibility category has long been sponsored by the City of Fremantle to recognise companies that implement policies and projects that positively impact the community and generate long-term benefits.

This category attracts nominations from businesses that support programs across the community and organizations that deliver services. For the first time ever, we had a dead heat for the top spot and City of Fremantle CEO Phil St John announced that Black Swan Health Ltd and Fremantle Foundation had tied for first place.

Black Swan Health Ltd is an independent not-for-profit company delivering high quality, affordable primary and mental health services focused to achieving positive health outcomes for the community. Black Swan delivers around 17 programs but the one you may be most aware of is the iconic mobile medical health service “Freo Street Doctor”.

Fremantle Foundation focuses on creating a thriving community through local giving. The Fremantle Foundation provides ongoing support and advice so donors can have the maximum social impact with their gifts to local charities. Within a number of giving programs, Impact 100 gathers great momentum each year.

This week we held our feedback session with judges and sponsors. No stone goes unturned but the judges all agreed that, no matter how many nominations read, you get to know a whole lot more about the businesses of the Fremantle region. So that you can also find out more, the other finalists in the category were as follows:

We know Spare Parts Puppet Theatre as Australia’s flagship puppetry company and a driving force of the art form within Australia and globally. The Company also connects to a diverse audience across the State through performances and workshops.

Based in the heart of Fremantle, the TAMS Group is a diverse marine service company that supports various local organisations in Fremantle and others closer to their remote sites. Their support ranges from environmental causes to providing assistance to local events and charity foundations.

Terra Rosa Consulting uniquely offers services and advice relating to heritage management, environmental approvals community, social and cultural enterprise. They also provide services in indigenous organisation capacity building and employment opportunities to Aboriginal communities.

In East Fremantle, The Left Bank provides support to the community at every opportunity with partnerships with local clubs, associations, not-for-profits and charities.

It was at the end of the awards presentation that MC Matt Tinney returned to the stage to make a surprise final announcement. Seated at one of the tables, was Seacorp, a long time Fremantle company with a desire to return to the community. The winners of this category inspired the decision by Craig Thomson to dedicate a significant donation to both of the winners. Heart stopping stuff. It’s a great example of the great connection Fremantle business has with its community and, of course, the Chamber is very pleased that new partnerships were triggered on the night.

The Chamber applauds Seacorp for the surprise of the night, the City of Fremantle for their long time sponsorship, Black Swan Health and Fremantle Foundation and all of the finalists.

Coming next …….. Excellence in Hospitality and Excellence in Innovation.