Premier’s Announcement Triggers Kings Square Development

Kings Square was a great place to be this morning. Premier Colin Barnett announced the Government’s decision to move the Department of Housing, the Department of Corrective Services and some sections from the Department of Transport into a redeveloped Myers Building as part of the redevelopment of King’s Square. Finance Minister Sean L’Estrange spoke of the economic benefit for the State Government and Fremantle. For the State Government, the decentralisation deal will deliver savings of $53 million over 15 years.

Today’s announcement is a game changer for Fremantle. By 2020, 1500 workers  will be coming into the City Monday to Friday. Even the build process will bring many hundreds into the heart of Fremantle. Beyond new people coming to Fremantle when we need them the most, the Kings Square development will give Fremantle a true heart with new civic and community facilities.

Congratulations to Matthew McNeilly, Sirona Capital, Mayor Brad Pettit and the team at the City of Fremantle for staying the course. The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be a long term supporter of the vision for more people to live and work in Fremantle.  Our business community needs it. Fremantle needs it.

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