Something will sparkle in 2017. Freo Cracker Night to return.

It has been tumultuous couple of weeks in Fremantle. With City HQ blinkers set to high position, a major family event that attracted many tens of thousands to Fremantle was cancelled without a speck of regard for the economic impact for hospitality, tourism and the marine sector. It was never a great day for retail but it was an extraordinary day for profile, a great reminder that Fremantle is open for business.

Even though the game was over before the shouting started with the budget significantly reduced months ago, our position remains the same. The Chamber’s objection to the decision was all about reputation, profile, economic impact AND the process taken. Now it is about to making sure that economic impact is considered with every decision City HQ makes.

In the meantime, January 26th will not be without some sparkle. The Fishing Boat Harbour Traders are taking us back to where it began – the Freo Cracker Night.

The budget is not as big so it will be a shorter event. But YOU could make a difference. Thunderous applause to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

If you are able to be a partner in presenting the Freo Cracker Night please contact Eddie Watling on

City HQ are progressing with their family picnic day concept with concert plans for the weekend following the 26th January 2017.


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