Digital know how for your business: Choose E-Biz this July

There are boundless digital opportunities and platforms to present your business to the world. Whilst you are getting on with the job of running your business, most will parcel up the job of a businesses digital presence and delegate to someone else, an external consultant or employee. They get on with the job and come back to you for major decisions and approvals. However you choose, it is a significant investment in someone’s time and/or money.

So how are you making decisions about that significant investment? Do you have complete faith in others or make strategically informed decisions about who to use, what platforms and systems you will be recommended? Why have a website, when you can use social media platforms?

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce E-Biz series is about moving you towards strategically informed status. It is the underlying know how you really need to make your digital representation effective without retaining to be a geek?

These workshops are for you if you are thinking about stepping up your online presence, sorting your way through a raft of highly techno looking website proposals or just starting from scratch.

Website Development: Domain Name, Hosting, Content Management Systems & Shopping Carts
Tuesday, 21 July 2016

A look at how to build a website that works effectively for your business. From registering your domain name and organising website hosting, finding a website developer who doesn’t need to cost you the earth, through to choosing the right Content Management Systems (CMS) or shopping cart to support your future business direction.

Website Development: E-Commerce
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The basics of e-commerce. We will show you how to plan an e-commerce website and also understand the 7 basic elements of e-commerce including shopping carts, payment gateways, customer service and returns. We will show you examples of B2B and B2C e-commerce sites and teach you the steps to plan your own e-commerce site so you can give Amazon a run for their money!


Ed Keay-Smith, of Online Impact, presents both sessions.   It is his job to know the ins and out of website development and ecommerce. Earlier I put the question ‘Why have a website, when you can use social media platforms?’, Ed gave me the answer during an E Biz series late last year. He may give it again. To find out more come along to either or both sessions!

Tickets: $50 members   $60 non members

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