2015 Fremantle Business Awards: A Celebration of Success and Resilience

The recent 2015 Fremantle Business Awards was the big talk of the town for all the right reasons. Over 440 people came together to celebrate the Fremantle business community and the people who invest their time, passion, reputation and most often, financial resources into getting things done in the Fremantle region.

The business community of the Fremantle region plays on a global, national and local scale, be it in export, tourism, marine, hospitality, construction, retail, professional, or community services. Let’s not beat around the bush, our region’s business environment has not been easy or predictable.

Our CBD needs to experience better days with more people on the street sooner rather than later. The change in value of the Australian dollar has seen exports lift, but a raft of marine, construction, engineering and other industrial companies have seen times change as a result of the resources downturn. Major project decisions for the Fremantle regional have already changed the focus and energy of debate and policy in an instant.

So the 2015 Fremantle Business Awards was a celebration of belief, innovation and, for many nominees, resilience.

To all the sponsors, finalists, winners and judges for the 2015 Fremantle Business Awards – THANK YOU! Each of you have invested significant time and resources in the event and your business. You understand Fremantle’s potential and want to see it prosper and grow.

The next financial year heralds new challenges for all. We are looking forward to delivering new business development programs, advocacy and networking opportunities as your partner in business.

Olwyn Williams

CEO, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce