I visited the old Myre building last week and promised to share some information with you all.

The space can be hired for 1 day a week or on a rolling month by month.

No long term agreements so if you want to dip your toe in the market or have some old stock you need to move here is an ideal opportunity.

Housed on the ground floor of the former Myer building in Fremantle, the aim is to revive and delight the community with a creative and collaborative atmosphere, where a unique shopping experience will give exposure to a new audience. MANY is an exciting place of change, growth and possibility. The building is composed of the ground floor (retail), first floor (production/designers/makers), second floor (fruit), and finally the rooftop (events/relief!). MANY is clearly a place like no other.

Offering completely flexible options with no minimum commitment. You may be looking to test out a new business model, launch a product line or pop-up store, create a new brand identity, or branch out from an established base. It’s entirely up to you. Here is a chance to try something fresh and be supported in your endeavour.

There are spaces available, sized at 42m2 or 84m2, which are ready to go from as early as April 1st – 2014.

The rates for the Ground Floor (retail) are at $27.91 per square metre per month. Please note that this figure is all-inclusive with bills, utilities, wifi etc all accounted for and with no intimidating long-term commitments so if you want to give retailing a try here is your opportunity.


Tim Milsom (CEO Fremantle Chamber of Commerce)


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