Plastic Bag Update

Good Afternoon Retailers,

You may be aware by now via various media channels that the local law on plastic bag reduction has been officially disallowed as it stands.

Effectively this does mean that retailers are not compelled via legislation to ban single-use plastic bags from stores.

The disallowance was primarily attributed to the issues with clause 6.6 – which deals with the mandatory charge for bags.

Fremantle is committed to reducing plastic use in our City, and from that perspective Fremantle will be considering a range of options including a redraft and resubmission of the local law, developing an advocacy strategy via WALGA and stakeholders on encouraging state legislation and developing a process for a more widespread voluntary plastic reduction scheme in Fremantle (including the Responsible Cafes Program, the ProAcqua machines and other initiatives). We may implement any or all of these options post Council consideration.

Although this will again delay the start of the law substantially, we do wish to stress that we intend to implement a process in the City of Fremantle to keep us clean, green and plastic free, and would appreciate the continued support of our retailers to support this initiative.

While we realise that not having a mandatory standard is difficult for some – we very much appreciate those who have made the transition to go ‘plastic free’ and encourage them to continue on this sustainable path, with the context of the local law being reconsidered in the very near future.

Melanie Bainbridge

Sustainability (Strategic) Officer

City of Fremantle


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