Revival Hopes

The local council and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) is determined to halt Fremantle’s decline.

They want to quadruple Fremantle’s population by spending a billion dollars improving public spaces, creating more affordable housing, and investing in large scale renewable energy projects.

The FCCI’s chief executive Tim Milson says the Dockers will play a part in that revival.

“I think probably we’ve been living on our laurels a little bit,” he said.

“However, we are on the cusp of something great happening in Fremantle and I honestly believe this could be the catalyst we’re looking for for real investment in Freo’s future.

“Last Saturday, when we played in the preliminary final, the streets were full of people absolutely amassed with the colour purple, you couldn’t get in a bar and bars were running out of drink to serve.

“The city is alive, the city is vibrant, the city is excited and people are saying it’s great place to be.”

There was a strong hope the Dockers would come away with a win at the MCG but the Mayor says either way, the grand final appearance was a boon for the port city.

“There’s no doubt the Dockers capture the spirit of Fremantle,” said Mr Pettitt.

“It’s a team that struggled for so long and is now finally starting to really hit it’s straps.

“I think Freo feels similar as a city; we’ve struggled for some time as well and now there’s certainly the sense that we’re on our way back.”

New developments in Fremantle

Things are certainly moving in the East End of Fremantle. A brand new initiative is about to be born called The Mantle.

Located on the corner of James & Beach street, the concept will see the existing under-utilised heritage warehouse converted  through the use of innovative design, use of recycled and prefabricated  structures, with a focus on reused and re-purposed material and décor,  and with a great respect to the history of the building.

It will transform an almost forgotten corner of the Fremantle city into a  vibrant space for independent retailers, restaurateurs and producers who  all share a focus on quality and sustainability.

Take a look at to register your interest in being a part of this unique concept which is very much Freo.

Expressions of interest for stage one is open now and is focusing on potential operators and chefs who want to expand or start up a new business. Contact Anatoly on 0412 078 992 

Well done to the WA Police and the City of Fremantle


I would just like to congratulate Brad Sorrell and his team from the WA Police as well as Tom Griffiths and his team from the City of Fremantle for the exceptional work they did on Saturday in Fremantle.

I am seeing figures of over 60,000 people attending the event on Saturday and your Policing and organisation was world class.

The Chamber recognises that Brad and his team worked well beyond their normal call of duty and managed a spectacular event. 

Tom and his fantastic crew worked tirelessly throughout the week and managed to stage an event even bigger than the Americas Cup back in 1983. This even will be fondly remembered in Fremantle’s History.

Please pass on my congratulations to all involved and well done on an amazing event!

Kind regards