Fremantle Business Beat – A Personal Note from District Superintendent – Brad Sorrell

I would like to personally thank you for attending the launch of the Fremantle Business Beat and I look forward to an excellent working relationship with you and your personnel.  As promised, my private work email is provided, so please feel to contact me should the need arise.  For general enquiries, please as this will be checked daily by a member of the South Metropolitan District Office. You are also encouraged to forward this email to any other business in Fremantle that may be interested in registering for Business Beat.

Since launching Fremantle Business Beat our officers have been busy engaging local business on the issues currently impacting the Central Business District (CBD).  Early indications on our new police station are encouraging with many business owners commenting on improved visual presence.  To correspond with the launch of Business Beat our district commenced the implementation of the Fremantle CBD Team, conceptualised to compliment the current work being performed under Operation Peyton.  The CBD Team consists of senior police officers mentoring inexperienced officers in the basics of policing.  Operation Peyton is an ongoing policing operation targeting volume crime, anti social behaviour within the Fremantle CBD, conducting business premises checks including licensed premises.

To add to this we have applied for and been granted prohibited behaviour orders on some known anti-social offenders.  This will prohibit them from entering the Fremantle town centre and from being noticeably impaired by alcohol or solvents, for a period of 18 months.

Operation Elver is an ongoing policing operation that targets volume crime and anti-social behaviour during the busy evening hours.  This operation is also working very well and there is a noticeable decrease in assaults.    – 9.1% down on last year.

 I am also pleased to advise that Constable Winter of the Fremantle Inquiry Team has been working on a series of graffiti offences that occurred over March and April 2013.  Constable Winter and officers from the Fremantle Inquiry Team engaged local business and their workers which resulted in the offender being charged today with 29 counts of Criminal Damage by Graffiti.  I would say that is an excellent result and a very good start that demonstrates how effective the Business Beat strategy can be.  Senior Sergeant Wynne is providing some excellent frontline leadership to his troops and could be seen pounding the pavement of Fremantle in company with Acting Inspector Thompson during the early hours of last weekend.

In closing, I would like to express my appreciation to Mayor of Fremantle, Dr Brad Pettitt and CEO of Chamber of Commerce, Mr Tim Milsom for the excellent support WA Police have received in the rollout of our recent strategies.  Together we are all making a difference and we will continue to work as hard as we can for the community.

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