The Big 4 You Can’t Ignore!

Small businesses are suffocating under too much government regulation, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) says.

The chamber has launched a new campaign, `The Big 4 You Can’t Ignore’, focusing on the main issues small businesses want addressed at the federal election.

They include cutting red tape, simplifying the tax system, making it easier to employ people and building better public infrastructure.

ACCI chief Peter Anderson will tell the National Press Club on Wednesday small business is suffocating “at every level” of government regulation and the tax system is impossible for the average small business person to understand and comply with.

“Australia has become a very costly place for small business to hire, keep and dismiss staff,” Mr Anderson will say in his speech in Canberra around 1pm AEST.

“And when times are tough, that means jobs and hours get cut.”

The “Big 4” campaign is the next phase of the ACC’s “Small Business Too Big To Ignore” pre-election push to get recognition for small business issues.

“Small businesses may be small voices on their own, but together they are too big to be ignored by our country or its politics,” Mr Anderson says.

“The political class ignores this movement at its peril.”

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