Vinnies CEO Sleepout


I am once again taking part in the Vinnies 2013 CEO sleep out, hoping to help raise a significant sum to help support the charities that in turn help the homeless

It is a sad fact that nationally, almost one third of homeless people who receive support are homeless families – and that number is expected to grow in the coming years.”

“More than 17% of Australia’s homeless are now under the age of 12, 27% are under the age of 18, and another 15% are aged 19 to 24 years. Families are the most likely group to be turned away from homeless services while two out of every three children who accompany a sole parent are turned away each day.”

We desperately need to address homelessness, it takes away a persons dignity and in far too many cases end up with people suffering from depression and addiction to either alcohol or drugs that they use to help ease the pain of hopelessness.

I participated in last year’s sleep out, it was held on the coldest night of the year and it was absolutely freezing. It took me 3 days to get my body temperature back to normal and I only had to do this for one night only! How on earth people can sleep outside rough every night of the week is beyond my comprehension.

So please support me by donating anything you can to this noble cause. Do you part in helping our community!

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