Meeting with His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani

“His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani began his Class One racing career in 2003 and, in the space of 10 exciting years of international power boating action, the Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF) has risen to the very forefront of the sport under his presidency.

Qatar’s Class One team has won Grand Prix in Europe and the Middle East and the European Championship title. The F1 team has triumphed in the UIM F1 H20 World Championship on two occasions (2008 and 2011) and the QMSF’s professional staff have just hosted three back-to-back World Championship events in three separate marine sport disciplines. But still Sheikh Hassan looks to the future and the development of the sport.”

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce have submitted a proposal to Sheikh Hassan to bring the F1 Powerboating Championship (F1H2O) to Fremantle.  The Qatar Marine Sports Federation is backing our proposal and with their support and yours we can bring this very exciting sport to the waters of Fremantle!

Some interesting facts about Chambers of Commerce

There are 12,000 chambers worldwide in over 120 countries. This congress has been the most successfully attended since the congress started. We have over 2100 delegates here and 130 different chambers represented. 

Yesterday’s session was opened by his royal highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani so security was very tight with all delegates having to go through security checks. 

The topics of yesterday’s sessions included business and education, world class cities and great new ideas so we got a lot out of a full on day.

The Chambers congress are pinning a lot of hope on real change to make this world a better place to be for everyone and I am very glad Fremantle is represented here.

I have also made contact with various companies out here looking for Western  Australian services and will be able to put up a list once back on Monday

Doha Update!


Attending the opening ceremony in Doha this morning, I feel privileged to represent the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and the business community of Fremantle.

Speakers included Jean -Guy Carrier Secretary General of the international chamber of commerce, Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Victor K.Fung Chairman of the ICC business world trade agenda plus many others.

They spoke on many different topics however the most poignant were the need to reduce the red tape in supporting growth and reducing poverty among the least developed counties. This will create over 21 million new jobs worldwide! 

 The speakers referred to the participants here such as the Fremantle Chamber as “Honorary Merchants of Peace”,  a title I think we can all be proud of.

Retail Theft Forum

As Fremantle’s Chamber CEO I get asked to sit on many steering committees one that I have been on this week I thought I would share with you all.

The Retail Theft forum is a group of senior Police officers that meet with Shopping centre security managers and large brand security mangers (David Jones, Woolworth, Coles etc ) to debate issue that are currently causing problems for retailers.

This week I was surprised to hear about a new way criminals are defrauding our retailers, they are creating dummy bar codes using an App on a computer and then overlaying the bar code of the existing codes. They purchase the goods at vastly reduced prices and are then underselling shops they steal from via Ebay and Gumtree. So any of you retailers that are using bar code technology please be aware that this activity is happening and tell your shop assistants to look out for unusual transactions at the till.

Apparently there is also a large amount of counterfeit $50.00 notes in circulation at the moment. I asked what the quality was like and the Police stated that some of the counterfeit notes were good and some very average and easily detectable so again just inform everyone to be on the lookout and be aware.

The Retail Theft forum meets every month and I intend to keep you updated with the latest trends.

8th World Chambers Congress

8th World Chambers Congress

The ICC WCF World Chambers Congress is organized by the ICC World Chambers Federation. Held every two years in a different region of the world, the Congress is the only international forum for chamber leaders to share best-practice experiences, exchange insights, develop networks, address the latest business issues affecting their communities, and learn about new areas of innovation from chambers around the world.
The Congress addresses at a practical level how chambers can serve, strengthen, and support their member companies.
This exciting event assembles a global community of more than 12,000 chambers of commerce, their leading business members, and influential world leaders. It provides a unique opportunity for interaction between delegates from more than 100 countries.