Short Term Differential Accommodation Rate

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation services have been part of most holiday destinations for eons. Once upon a time, local papers, word of mouth and visitor centres were how people found out about the options available. That has changed with very sophisticated virtual systems in place to market and manage bookings.

The ease of the process means that more and more people are listing properties and using investment properties differently. Long-term residents are being replaced by ‘short termers’ and the traditional B&B, where you have a host, a room and breakfast has become a very rare thing.

Spend some time going through either Stayz or Airbnb and it is very clear that the absolute majority of offerings are pretty much stand-alone, full-time short term hire properties. They are not the backyard restored railway carriage or funky loft above the garage as part of a property with a family in residence.

Don’t get me wrong, it is great that property owners can make the most of an opportunity and demand for accommodation via whatever platform. If you own an investment property and rent it out, come tax time you are claiming every skerrick possible against the income of the property. Make such a claim and you step into a commercial world.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce supported the City of Fremantle’s Short Term Accommodation differential rate because it sets an even playing field in a commercial environment.

There is a world of difference between a private online booking and a hotel room reservation. Commercial properties are required to take on much greater responsibility via a range of regulations and legislations – health, fire, RSA etc. These operators pay higher commercial rates (which exclude rubbish collection costs), they employ staff and also contribute to things like marketing through a variety of mechanisms – direct and indirect.

Even today, Fremantle doesn’t have enough hotel rooms to get traction in the lucrative weekday event market. Because of this the City has been actively encouraging investment in new hotels and serviced accommodation – and that is why there are a number in planning.

The Chamber’s position is not about Airbnb vs Hotels. Conference planners will make decisions based on meeting venues and hotel rooms in the precinct. The likes of Airbnb sit alongside hotel operators, but numbers ebb and flow – which means they are not a guaranteed replacement for hotel rooms. The more meetings and conferences we can attract to Fremantle, the more hotel rooms that get booked. This also directly benefits property owners registered with companies like Airbnb and Stayz – because people will have preferences as to where they stay.

Many of the comments from short-term operators on the City’s My Say website sing the virtues of their contribution to the Fremantle economy because visitors use local businesses and attend events. They also express concern about getting nothing for the additional rate.

I am very happy to fill in some of those gaps. What they have been getting free of charge for many years, is the opportunity to run a business – in a place that people want to come to visit – and where someone else, the business community, gets to pay their destination marketing costs for them. Someone else also looks after their public nuisance issues – neighbours and other rate payers.

The cost of delivering public amenities and events in Fremantle is a cost that many other localities do not have to bear, but are a part of the City’s vitality. We are also starting to spend some considerable funds in marketing through the Fremantle Destination Marketing Group.  It is appropriate that all commercial accommodation operators contribute to these programs and that must include Short-Term Accommodation operators.

It is a result of great foresight that Fremantle has a Short Stay Accommodation Local Law, but there is room for improvement on how the local law is delivered and marketed. Not enough know about it and the Chamber believes compliance needs to be stepped up to respect those who do the right thing.

Ultimately, Short Stay Accommodation providers are commercial operators. The new differential rate is about making a contribution to the development of Fremantle as a destination and the cost of their own compliance. It is already expected of the hotels. Let’s create an even playing field.


The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce welcomes the decision of the City of Fremantle to create the Fremantle Destination Marketing Fund.

The Chamber supported the proposal to combine the budgets of Fremantle Story and the CBD differential rate to create and deliver  a marketing strategy with extra muscle to compete in a crowded market.

Fremantle continues to see a reduction in the number of people coming here and it is absolutely critical we get a great deal more traction across the week.

More people equals more customers!

The other great decision this week is the State Government’s announcement of development approval for Hotel Rottnest. With another 80 rooms, some added pools, function space, restaurant and spa facilities, the new Hotel Rottnest Resort will increase range of holiday experiences on our favourite island.

Not to be outdone, on the other side of Rottnest Island, the sod was turned to mark the start of construction of Pinky’s. The glamping resort is scheduled to open by the end of 2018.

And then not…..

The Chamber of Commerce is extremely disappointed in the decision by JDAP to refuse the development of the Woolstores Shopping Centre. Fremantle still needs to attract significant investment to make planning vision come to reality and the ambiguous process to get there does not bode well for attracting the investors we need. This will have a significant impact on our economic development.


The City of Fremantle is calling for you to participate in a survey, as part of their review into the destination marketing of Fremantle. At the foundation of the survey is a proposal, to bring together the differential rate funds, that all CBD businesses contribute to, and the City’s budget allocation for Fremantle Story.  The purpose is to create a Fremantle marketing budget of greater substance.

I am going to be upfront and very clear, the Chamber SUPPORTS the proposal to combine the differential rate and Fremantle Story campaign monies, so as to increase our City’s investment in destination marketing. It is an essential move to improve our local and regional economy.

So how did the Chamber come to this position? As a part of some major projects we are leading and business community committees we host across the year,  we have undertaken a raft of consultations, interviews, surveys and roundtable meetings.

Across all of these discussions,  we know there is great belief in what Fremantle has to offer, but also grave concern that not enough people know. The bottom line is that we still need more people coming into Fremantle and it will take more than just waiting for the completion of the Kings Square construction project.

The number of people coming to central Fremantle has been in decline for many years.  This is because of a range of things – changing population, increased competition and more effective marketing campaigns from other precincts and destinations, as well as local and State-wide economic downturn etc.  All have had a significant impact on the viability of our business community  be it retail, hospitality, professional services, industry, or tourism.  All of those sectors  interconnect across our streetscape.

It is not about one sector of the business community but the combination and character of what we have in Fremantle. With the ongoing evolution of retail, Fremantle should never want to be or be compared to the monolith shopping malls of the likes of Booragoon, but we can take a leaf out of their book and market our place, our City. All of our businesses will do better with a whole lot more people. We need to celebrate our difference to our locals, the communities around Fremantle, across Perth and beyond.

So how do we get more people into Fremantle, doing business and engaging with our businesses across the week. We need to remind people Fremantle is here and a great experience with a lot to offer.  Fremantle needs to cut through and champion itself.

As a business district we are in a volatile marketplace and to keep doing the same things for  2, 3 or 5 years doesn’t work (anymore). Right now we have an opportunity to get good value and best results from our rate payer fund by bringing together the differential rate and Fremantle Story budgets.

It really is alright to change the way things are done.

The Fremantle Destination Marketing survey will closed at COB Wednesday 28th March 2018.

I encourage you to add your input on how we can get the absolute best value for the marketing and differential rate money for the benefit of local businesses.

The survey is short but you will be prompted to register for the My Say portal.  It doesn’t take long at all. This is to ensure that if you are doing business in Fremantle – we all get one say.

The link to that survey is:


By now end of year work celebrations are done and dusted. You may well have a break ahead of you, whereas others will be looking forward to a very busy summer season.

Time for a quick wrap up.

2017 was a challenging year for many. The impact of the economic downturn cut spending across business and the community; visitor numbers were down; commercial office vacancies were very high and with very competitive pricing increased exports and fluctuating commodity prices; and there was a little movement on delivery of new developments. Some businesses invested in major refits but others experienced the impact of “essential infrastructure” works (Pipelines for Perth) that kept customers at bay. (We know there is never a good time, but it really does hurt).

The change of State Government was one of the most influential things to happen to our region because it altered so much of what was to be. The commitment to the sale of the Port changed to not happening and the Perth Freight link was cancelled. The Westport Strategy is underway and will hopefully deliver some shorter-term improvements for logistics in our region and get on with the development of the longer term Outer Harbour.

The Local Government election was feisty but not quite over yet. Parts of Kings Square await a wrecking ball, or the appropriate contemporary equivalent. But, elsewhere in Fremantle, Quest Apartments opened, new car parks appeared, new hotels were proposed and development specs firmed. Whilst 2017 may not have been a bundle of laughs, there is some light getting into the 2018 tunnel.

I thank our people, the members who form the Board and committees for their contribution and guidance. The Development and Infrastructure Committee considered matters of planning, economic development and the progression of a Future Freo Implementation Plan. Led by Franco Andreone, the committee featured Bob Shields, Lisa Shine, David McLean (UNDA), Marc Greco (Engineering Consultants Au), Craig White (Fremantle Property Services), Tom Brooking (Tom Brooking Design) and Tony Riggio (Stageworks).

Ivan Dzeba led the Tourism Committee in a year that culminated with the Fremantle Tourism Roundtable, 30 business leaders coming together to deliberate priorities in building Fremantle as a domestic, interstate and international destination. Fremantle has it all – we really need to let more people know. Many thanks to Amber-Lee Hong (Fremantle Prison), Nicole Passarelli (Rottnest Express), Elly Rower (Kailis), Sam Pangiarella (Warren’s Menswear), Blair Wallace (Esplanade by Rydges); Gill Harrison (WA Museum).

2017 ends with Ivan Dzeba (Benny’s) in the role of President; Vice President, Franco Andreone (Fremantle Ports); Lee Bartlett (TAMS); Jamie Murdoch (Fremantle Markets); Abby McDowell (Esplanade by Rydges); Anthony Van Der Weilan (Fremantle Property Services); Tony Riggio (Stageworks); Virginia Guest (Stand Property & Management Services), and Bram Newbold (Quest). Thank you also to retiring President Scott Bailey and Board Members, Ra Stewart and Bruce Moriarty.

And by no means least, thank you to the in-house Chamber team – Zoe Saunders, Marcela Ekin de Castro, Marian Bull, Jordan Andonovski and Kerry McIvor.

From all at the Chamber, our best wishes to you and your family, your employees, and customers. If you are to holiday, enjoy the break. If you are in retail, hospitality or any tourism related business, may the summer season be bountiful and profitable.

Enjoy the festive season and cheers to 2018 being a great year for you all.

Olwyn Williams,
CEO, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce

Liveability – A Shared Thing!

In his letter “Liveability” (Fremantle Herald 27 October 2017), David Hawks pondered for whom Fremantle was being made more liveable and questioned the concentration of efforts on retail over residential.

Liveability is all those things that make the place around us work and includes our cultural and social structures, economic stability and capacity, physical and natural environment … the list can go on. Decisions of our local community leadership can and do impact on the viability of the regional economy as well as our quality of life so it is important that liveability is part of Local Government thinking.

Fremantle doesn’t belong to just one part of our community. If ownership has to be defined, Fremantle belongs to those that live here, do business here, and visit. If ownership is attributed to those that contribute financially, then Fremantle belongs to ratepayers, residential AND commercial, and the people of Western Australia. Yep, that’s right, rates income doesn’t entirely cover the cost of being the City of Fremantle.

The State invests in community services, local and main roads, the economy, transport, health, education, and major attractions (WA Maritime Museum and Fremantle Prison). Even our cultural institutions (the various football clubs, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle Press, Arts Source or Spare Parts Puppet Theatre) have foundation State support. So there is a little bit of everyone contributing to Fremantle.

Fremantle’s historic CBD commercial hub, exists alongside significant commercial precincts in O’Connor/Hilton, South Fremantle and North Fremantle. Combined, they contribute over 46% of the City of Fremantle rate base. Those zones are also vital for regional employment and economic development.

Having liveability on the agenda is acknowledging that things have changed and more is still needed. Across many decades, our population has been relatively stagnant and investment in Fremantle was hampered. As other commercial centres grew, Fremantle did not and it changed the face of our street level/retail landscape.

As a place of commerce, we do need to think differently and competitively. For those businesses that rely on passing trade and/or their destination status we, Fremantle, need to strive to build a 7 day week economy.

This is why the attraction of a large public sector workforce, a daytime working population, to the Kings Square precinct is vital to Fremantle. This is why new centrally located, medium density residential development is essential. That is why we need to increase the number of hotel rooms in Fremantle and have the conversation about different types of residential accommodation. This is why we need to market Fremantle beyond our borders as a destination for commerce, tourism and future residents. More people living and coming to Fremantle increases viability of our community and the scope of our business community. It also increases the number of people paying rates and sharing the cost of operating the City.

It takes time. The economic impact of major projects underway will not be experienced for a number of years, so we still need to pay attention to the now. The champions of the streets of Fremantle are the people that open the doors of their businesses every day. Like our residential community, our business community is diverse, and ownership is mostly independent. This means the ebbs and flows of a local and state economy is not hidden in a corporate balance sheet in Sydney, Melbourne or London, it is felt directly and daily by the business owner that opens the door.

A more liveable city is about building a great place to live and a great place to do business. No matter if you are a resident, worker, business owner or visitor – Fremantle needs and welcomes you all.

Olwyn Williams

New President and Board for Fremantle Chamber of Commerce

Our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 19 September saw a changing of the guard at the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

Ivan Dzeba has become President of the Chamber.  Ivan has worked in  hospitality in central Fremantle for 20 years, and has been at the helm of Benny’s Bar & Café for more than 15 years. He has led the Chamber’s Tourism Committee for 18 months and is looking forward to leading the Chamber to expand its reach and build unity within sectors.

New Board Members appointed at the meeting were Abby McDowell (The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges), Virginia Guest (Stand Property & Management Services Pty Ltd) and Bram Newbold (Quest Fremantle). These additions renew expertise in marketing, law and hospitality to the Chamber.

As new Board Members were confirmed, several stepped down, each contributing nearly a decade of service to the Chamber and the Fremantle business community. Scott Bailey’s two-year term as President, was preceded by 6 years as a Board Member.  Ra Stewart joined the Board in 2008 and served as Chamber President for two terms (2012 – 2015).  Bruce Moriarty joined the Chamber Board on 2008 and was a long-term member of the Chamber’s Development & Infrastructure Committee.

Your Chamber Board Members for 2017/2018 are:

  • President:  Ivan Dzeba (Benny’s Bar & Café)
  • Vice President: Franco Andreone (Fremantle Ports)
  • Treasurer:  Lee Bartlett (TAMS)
  • Jamie Murdoch (Fremantle Markets)
  • Tony Riggio (Stageworks Pty Ltd)
  • Anthony Van Der Wielen (Fremantle Property Services)
  • Abby McDowell (The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges)
  • Virginia Guest (Stand Property & Management Services Pty Ltd)
  • Bram Newbold (Quest Fremantle)

Chamber News

Tuesday 12 September was a pretty significant day for Fremantle. Not just Fremantle neighbourhoods but Fremantle state-wise and Fremantle internationally.

The Port, Logistics and all that

More than just a City, Fremantle, through the Port, is a key economic resource and vital to the supply chain for our State. I was pleased to be at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Tuesdays event that hosted the State Government announcement of the Westport Strategy.

I know logistics aren’t at the top of your average family breakfast discussion, but it is essential to almost every part of your life. It is about your car, your home, your job, your clothes, your flat pack furniture, your food – all being able to get to you for the lowest price possible. For many of the Chamber’s members it is also about our getting our exports to market in a competitive environment and being able to run a viable business.

The headlines and actions of Roe 8 and Perth Freightlink are history but our logistics environment desperately still needs a whole lot of work. The Westport Strategy, headed by Nicole Lockwood, is targeting a 50-100 year approach, formed from 5 key plan – the Port, Transport, Land-use, Environmental, Staging and Finance – drawing on multiple government agencies and external stakeholders.

That Westport starts with big picture logistics thinking is the right way. For the Fremantle centric –within all of this will be the High Street connection to the Port, and the increased connection of Victoria/South Quay to the Fremantle CBD.

The Chamber is looking forward to being a contributor to the long term focus but also to ensure that we have the right level of attention focused to our economic and tourism development in the short and medium term.


The Minister for Tourism, Paul Papalia MLA, has announced some red tape reduction for accredited tour operators.

As of Wednesday 13th September accredited tourism businesses will be able to provide self-serve beer and wine as part of a dining experience whilst touring an attraction. Now the BBQ lunch or under the stars dinner offered as part of a tour package can be served with beer and wine. For many visitors to WA it was perplexing as to why they could not be offered wine or beer with their on-tour meal. This is a great opportunity for tourism product development for the whole state.

There are still regulatory requirements for tourism operators, in terms of responsible service of alcohol, no sale of alcohol, prior permission from and landlord/property owner, and accreditation through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program run by the Tourism Council of WA


The City of Fremantle had already committed to creating a revised local law banning single use plastic bags. The revision was focused on the standards in place for other States and Territories. Now Fremantle is not alone, with the State Government stepping up to introduce a ban on single use plastics bags across the State.

The great thing for Fremantle is that a shared implementation is whole lot easier and the effort to create change is much different.

There are many local retailers that have proudly not used plastic bags or use degradable. For retailers that do offer, it doesn’t mean you can’t use plastic bags; it is just that there are standards that need to be met in terms of material weight, type etc. Stay tuned for the detail

There are many consumers that are already practised in the art of remembering to have shopping bags at one’s beck and call. I don’t count myself in that group yet. You get to Carnegie Hall by practising and if you are like me, we have until 1 July 2018 to get used to it.

Local Government Election Forums

Over many years, the Chamber has provided its support for the delivery of election forums for Federal, State and Local Government elections and 2017 is no different. We offer and partner to deliver forums so the business and residential community can hear from candidates together.

A couple of Wards have their dates established, with a firm eye on not recreating the wheel, and we are including those dates.

Last month we also published our platform on what we want to know from candidates about their position on Fremantle’s economic development – for a refresher click here.

Nominations for candidates for Local Government close on Thursday, 14 September. All candidates are welcome to participate and will receive an email inviting them to participate. Please understand that if there is only one candidate nominated, there is no election and therefore no need for a forum.

Details of the dates and times of Forums will be maintained on our website.


Olwyn Williams

Chief Executive Officer


The Chamber and Elections

There’s a question that keeps coming up in conversations. Sometimes you just have to lay it on the table and get on with it.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates for Federal, State or Local Government elections. The Chamber does not contribute member funds or run or resource campaigns for candidates for any form of election. We have to work with who ever wins.

But we do involve ourselves in campaigns at large. We’ll talk to any candidate, we will tell them what we believe is needed for the Fremantle region, and we are happy to have a direct and robust conversation. We also partner with others for the delivery of candidate forums. 

All across WA, people are right now deciding to run for Local Government.  It is a great thing that people are stepping forward to be part of the management and oversight of our communities.

There are two key differences between Local Government and State/Federal elections.  In local elections, voting is not compulsory and, most importantly, the business community has the capacity to vote.

Our current stated ambition is to encourage more people from the business community to vote by enrolling for the Owners and Occupiers roll.  There’s more about that on our website and our digital and door knock campaign is in underway.

It is not for the Chamber to tell you how to vote, our job is to get you to vote.

The Chamber Platform

The Chamber may not endorse candidates but it has a platform that it will promote to all candidates.

With the Port, surrounding marine and industrial zone, the Fremantle region continues to be important to the State’s economy. The Chamber wants Fremantle to be a place with prosperous business community as the foundation for a strong community.

Fremantle needs: 

  • To be a competitive regional centre with a strong and clear vision, one that respects Fremantle’s history but with a contemporary and economically viable outlook.
  • More people working and living in Fremantle.
  • More people coming to Fremantle as a destination (supporting commerce, hospitality, retail, and tourism).
  • To be a City that is accessible.
  • A proactive and balanced Council that considers community and economic development as partners.
  • To have vision but also able to deal with what is needed today.

If it sounds familiar, it is.  A few words may have changed over time but the underlying rationale has remained the same for nearly a decade, some would say more.   

Successful candidates of individual wards become Councillors making decisions for the whole of the City, so this platform is not limited to specific Wards. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to candidates letting us all know how they will contribute and lead the development of Fremantle as a great place for people to invest their lives and money in.



In the months prior to the Fremantle Business Awards, the Chamber hosts mentoring sessions where past winners provide advice and feedback to entrants on the development of their submissions. Often the advice is to learn from the first year’s nomination process and build on that for a nomination the next year. Attendance is not compulsory but we now have proof that it helps. There was one first time nominee that decided to attend both mentoring sessions. Let me tell you – it paid off.

In his final appearance at the Awards as General Manager of Business News, Charlie Gunningham presented the award for Excellence in Professional Services for businesses providing high standard services, with identified and monitored customer needs and expectations. Nominations come from a broad range of sectors.

Mark Turnbull was the person who attended both mentoring sessions, and he was the one who came on stage to accept the award for Excellence in Professional Services for O’Connor based Automotive Electrical Designs. AED specialises in auto electrical repairs, auto air-conditioning and electrical accessory installation. Look AED up – the attention to detail in their nomination is the same as what they put into their work, your car is going to be in good hands.

The three other Excellence in Professional Services finalists were: Advanced Mining Production Systems (AMPS) a technical mining engineering company that focuses on the set-up and day to day running of mining departments.

Breadbox Marketing and PR delivers top level communication strategies, creative marketing and PR solutions for its many clients, large and small.

ProcessWorx providing smaller businesses with access to expertise, systems and support with managing their businesses, particularly around staff, safety management and quality assurance.

In 2016, Dr. Catherine Douglass won the award for Personal Achievement and Ellen Health for Excellent in Professional Services, so we were honored to have them on board in 2017 as sponsors of the Excellent in Strategy, Marketing and Communications award.

This award recognizes organizations that have outstanding achievements in strategy, marketing and communications of a particular product, service or business.

The winner was The Blue Budha, Western Australia’s leading New Age retail store with online and bricks and mortar stores across the State. The Blue Budha’s marketing strategy creates many moments of magic.

For the finalists list, lets just say, Fremantle is not just a great food destination for visitors, it has its benefits for anyone that works here as well, great things to see, buy and eat.

South Fremantle based commercial art gallery, Artitja Fine Art deals in Australian indigenous fine art with a strong emphasis on making cultural connections through indigenous art.

This was La Sosta’s second appearance as a finalist, building new awareness of this wonderful Italian restaurant in the heart of Fremantle’s cappuccino strip.

Pasta Addiction supplies high quality fast takeaway and dine in meals in the West End of Fremantle and are committed to providing hand-made deliciously addictive wholesome pasta and healthy food served by welcoming staff.

And finally, we can’t go part the very first Western Australian operated cakery that specialized in the handmade production of the traditional Czech layered Honeycake, The Honey Cake, now with stores and distribution across the Perth metro area.

More next week ………..

Rewarding Fremantle Business – Part 2

Even thinking about this episode of the 2017 Fremantle Business Awards wrap up makes the mouth water. There’s a great deal invested in the hospitality sector across Fremantle and it is a key part of Fremantle’s reputation as a destination.

As a cornerstone of our tourism economy, it makes perfect sense for Rottnest Express to sponsor this years Excellence in Hospitality Award. The connection between Rottnest Island and Fremantle is remarkable and a vital one to a unique visitor experience.

This year The National Hotel took the big gong for hospitality. It is an iconic building but The National is more than just a pub, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place to meet, be entertained and, of course, eat. The National have also developed an event catering capacity that can bring The National to you. Many experienced The National in action at the 2016 Long Table Dinner on High Street.

The finalists start with Kazoomies delivering unique North African and Middle Eastern fused with Latin cuisine. Winter hours at the E Shed Markets are Friday to Sunday 9am – 3.00pm. Dinners become possible in warmer months.

La Sosta had me a few years ago with the slow cooked lamb ragu (Pappardelle Agnello, Piselli e Tartufo) but it is so much more, serving handmade Italian pasta from their well-kept family recipes. Dinner 7 days, lunch Friday to Sunday.

 Our very own 4.5 star landmark concluded the finalists. In the heart of Fremantle for over 100 years The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges has accommodated generations of visitors to holiday, relax, do business, dine, celebrate and entertain.

In 2017 we were pleased to welcome Konica Minolta on board as a sponsor of the Excellence in Innovation Award. Given the offerings of this international print technology giant, it is a great link. To highlight their print capacity Konica Minolta in-house printed the official 2017 Fremantle Business Awards Program presented to all guests on the night.

The Innovation Award is always exciting because it brings together bold new ventures from different industries and highlights the amazing work underway around Fremantle every day.

Digital studio Viewport Virtual Reality won the day. Specialising in capturing events and locations, creating computer generated imagery and software development, Viewport provides an immersive virtual reality experience suitable for any purpose.

And the finallists were …

Animatronic Engineering is a producer and operator of educational, scientific travelling themed attractions and exhibitions. Think moving, growling dinosaurs and mega fauna and you are in the ball park.

Known for its innovative business model, Artitja Fine Art is committed to value the culture of the indigenous people of Australia. With strong values and principles it has become one of Perth’s most reputable and accessible Indigenous art galleries.

GRD Franmarine is a leading commercial diving operators and their successfully tested Envirocart enables the complete in-water removal, capture and containment of marine bio fouling hulls without damaging the antifouling paint or polluting the surrounding marine environment.

TAMS Group is a diverse marine services company with Innovation at its core. TAMS key success is innovation through diversity, focusing on the development of planning and methods that lead to the delivery of practical solutions.

West Offshore Products are Australia’s experts in the provision of marine safety equipment. The company developed the innovative “Swap-‘n-Go” life raft rental exchange program and prides itself of providing the highest quality safety and inflatable boating solutions.

Take a look at all of them, you never know when they are going to make a difference for you or your business.

Until next weeks Rewarding Fremantle Business – Part 3, the thunderous applause to all continues.